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The concept of normativity is a locus classicus in contemporary thought, from the philosophy of language, through the reflection over the foundations of logic and mathematics, to the philosophy of law and morals. The goal of the seminar is to investigate the phenomenon of normativity in its various incarnations. We shall attempt to answer such questions as: what does the normative dimension of language and mathematics consists in? Can normativity be naturalized? Is there one or many concepts of normativity? Is the naturalistic fallacy an unavoidable trap in philosophical thinking?

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  • Philosophy in Science portal

    Philosophy in science Portal [ENG, PL]

    The website devoted to the presentation of films, essays and discussions pertaining to the philosophical aspects of scientific theories. Every week we publish new posts devoted to philosophy in physics, cosmology, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, as well as the relationship between science and theology. It is our hope that the portal will become a platform for the exchange of ideas between everyone interested in philosophy in science.

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  • Granice nauki

    Granice nauki [PL]

    Granice Nauki to serwis popularnonaukowy, przygotowywany przez pracowników Centrum Kopernika Badań Interdyscyplinarnych w Krakowie w ramach projektu "Granice wyjaśniania naukowego". Na naszych łamach publikowane są artykuły naukowców, filozofów i dziennikarzy, które z różnych perspektyw analizują problem wyjaśnienia naukowego. Staramy się wybierać tematy intrygujące, nie unikamy przedstawiania kontrowersyjnych problemów, a kwestie naukowe prezentujemy przystępnie dla szerokiego grona odbiorców.

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  • Biolawgy


    The Biological Foundations of Law and Ethics project is a part of the Copernicus Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Kraków. It was launched in 2008, in cooperation with the Chair for the Philosophy of Law and Legal Ethics of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. The project seeks to approach legal and ethical problems from the point of view of the contemporary biological sciences.

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  • Copernicus Center

    Copernicus Center website

    Copernicus Center for Interdisciplinary Studies is a joint-venture between the Jagiellonian University and the John Paul II Pontifical University in Kraków. It was established in 2008 through the initiative of Rev. Professor Michał Heller.

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    There you will find the marvelous talks and amazing lectures from Copernicus Center conferences and seminars and many other interesting videos.

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